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Portable fire extinguishers are required Under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 and The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 to be inspected by a competent person at least every 12months. Almost all insurance companies have, within their schedule, a clause stating that regular fire extinguisher maintenance is required for them to maintain cover. The standard to which fire extinguishers are maintained is BS5306 pt3. The purpose of the inspection is to ensure that not only the extinguisher will work correctly if required but also to ensure it will work safely.
Remember that you are required to do your own visual inspection of the extinguishers at least monthly (more often in severe environments).
All our technicians have been trained, received on-the-job experience, and completed both a written and practical examination on fire extinguisher maintenance. To maintain their competent person status, they must attend and passed a refresher course at least every three years. If someone passed their original examination in January 2017 and has had no refresher training by January 2020, then they are not competent under BS5306-3, which in turn could affect your business insurance. It is a good business practice to ask to view these documents.
The fire extinguisher inspection will involve a degree of disassembly, and this will vary depending on the types and manufacturers. The inspection has anything from 15 to 25 stages.


At the end of the inspection, a label will be fixed to the extinguisher. This label will indicate the date that the inspection was completed, the present condition of the extinguisher, the recorded weight of the fire extinguisher as well as the date that the next inspection is required. The label will also indicate the inspecting technician, company, and its contact details (Address & Telephone Numbers).


Once all your fire extinguishers and blankets have been inspected, you will be issued a three-part certificate. The first part is a service inspection report, highlighting and parts used and any recommendations we may make, the second part is a certificate of inspection, and the third part and a certificate of conformity.

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