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This new Water Spray extinguisher is now a real environmentally friendly alternative to Foam Spray and water with additive extinguishers. Even the Eco-Friendly Foam extinguishers sold have some environmental impact. These extinguishers contain only plain tap water! Zero chemicals or additives and have the bonus of not only being cheap to refill but have a 35KV conductivity test certificate, meaning that if used accidentally on electrics, the operator is safe from electrical shocks up to 35KV.

Supplied with a wall bracket and come with a bulletproof 5-year warranty (subject to terms and conditions).




To help customers make informed judgments about the selection of the best extinguishing media for specific operational circumstances, an understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of each is essential. In respect of water fire extinguishers




ü      Cost - Cheap to buy and refill

ü      Cooling Effect - Excellent surface penetration and cooling properties, which helps to rapidly reduce the flames.

ü      Environmentally Friendly Medium – Plain water and nitrogen pose no threat to the environment or operator.

ü      If used inadvertently of a fire involving electrics (up to 35Kv) the operator will not get a electric shock.




X       Limits Of Use - Water extinguishers can only be used on solid combustibles, such and wood, paper and textiles.

X       Temperature Restriction - As it uses plain water as its extinguisher medium it is liable freeze at low temperatures, even with low freeze additive still only use in temperature down to –10oc.

        X       Danger If used On Wrong Class Of Fire – Must not be used on Class B, C, D, E, or F
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